Services and Offerings

HFR sources, underwrites, and makes allocations to sustainable and ESG investment managers:

Thematic Managers – Climate Change, Diversity, etc.

Stewardship Managers – Engagement and Active Ownership

Active Integration Managers – Managers that integrate ESG within their investment process

Portfolio screening – Positive, Negative, Weighting, etc.

ESG as a risk proxy

We also offer ESG investment guideline services, including implementation, reviews, and oversight.

Investment Philosophy

HFR utilizes its 20+ years of research experience to develop investment products that blend environmental, social, and governance factors.

HFR Investments will work with a client’s preferred ESG philosophy and approach to develop ESG-minded portfolios and custom investment opportunities.

We can integrate ESG factors into a custom portfolio or your current portfolio while supporting an overall investment strategy in line with your risk-return profile.

ESG Indices: HFRX and More

HFR offers a suite of investable hedge fund indices that focus on sustainability and diversity, providing tracker funds to track benchmarks that are dedicated to institutions.

Current indices dating back to 2013:

HFRX ESG Indices

→  HFRX Alternative Energy Index

→  HFRX Diversity Index

→  HFRX Diversity: Women Index

Indices in Development

→  Climate Focused Index

→  Company Engagement Index