ESG Hedge Fund Classification Framework

ESG Hedge Fund Classification Framework By Gregory Neal June 21, 2022 ESG is one of the hottest topics in the investment industry today. ESG adoption has been years in the making, and hedge fund managers have finally started to take notice. We have spent the last three years working with investment managers to understand their

The Socially Responsible Short

The Socially Responsible Short By Andrew Koski February 4, 2021 As of this piece’s publication, it’s been a bad couple weeks for hedge funds in short positions; specifically, it was a historically terrible rout for some funds who were caught in short positions on brick-and-mortar retail, cinema, and legacy tech equities with extremely high short

Expanding the Approach to ESG Hedge Funds

Expanding the Approach to ESG Hedge Funds – A Clear Rationale for Emerging Strategy Outperformance By: Gregory Neal This is an incredibly exciting time for ESG hedge funds, launches have spiked in 2020 and are expected to grow through the next several years. These types of funds implement ESG specific hedge fund strategies, such as

The Case for the ESG Hedge Fund

By: Andrew Koski The Case for the ESG Hedge Fund A focus on environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) criteria has taken the investing world by storm, more than tripling the AUM in these strategies over the past eight years, surpassing an astonishing $40 trillion in 2020 according to research by Opimas (by comparison, BCP pegged

Hedge Funds & Co-Investments

By: Gregory Neal Hedge Funds & Co-Investments: Planning and Communication By: Gregory Neal Planning and Communication: Traditionally, co-investments are thought of exclusively in context of private equity and debt funds, but that limited thinking will cause hedge fund managers and investors to miss out on a number of opportunities. In terms of private funds, equity

Perspective Through A Diversity Lens

Perspective Through A Diversity Lens: Bringing ESG Investment Opportunity Through A Diversity Lens: By Michael Arenibar June 22, 2020 Should diversity be included when considering ESG? In short, absolutely. We know that diversity can stand on its own merits and its importance transcends inclusion in ESG. As the leader of an MBE firm, I value

Tactical Hedge Fund Allocation: Part 2

Tactical Hedge Fund Allocation (Part 2 of 2) : By Gregory Neal June 17, 2020 In Tactical Hedge Fund Allocation (part 1), we discussed using a tactical allocation strategy to increase diversification during uncertain times such as the recent nationwide shutdown. We now want to address the flipside of tactical allocation – opportunistic hedge fund

ESG Investing During COVID

May 19, 2020            ESG Investing During COVID: Short-Term Outperformance Shows Where Investors Are Headed By Andrew Koski As the COVID-19 pandemic reached the United States in late February, markets worldwide experienced one of the sharpest short-term selloffs in recent memory—the S&P 500 declined by nearly 34% from February 19 to March 23, and two days

Tactical Hedge Fund Allocation

April 20, 2020 Tactical Hedge Fund Allocation: By Gregory Neal Seeking Security and Opportunity During Times of Uncertainty (1 of 2) In uncertain times, like we’re experiencing today, humans look for one of two things: security or opportunity.  Since most allocators are human, seeking out security or opportunity can be a crucial decision when making

COVID Destruction Brings a Shift to Hedge Funds

April 6, 2020 COVID destruction brings a shift to Hedge Funds. By: Michael Arenibar As the world navigates through these uncertain times, we think this is an opportune time to publish a series of pieces written by staff that reflect our perspectives and how we characterize the future, while keeping you upto-date on the asset

(HFR in the Media) “HFR hits the reset button for a new era in hedge fund investing” by Susan Barreto, Alternatives Watch

2020-03-16 07:03:27 HFR executives this year quietly relaunched their investment management arm, with a new, streamlined name and aim of offering multiple platforms for hedge fund investing for a variety of investors of all shapes and sizes. HFR traditionally known for its hedge fund databases, indexes and historically as a fund of hedge fund firm